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American Friends of Israel

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Quantity 41,724
Pricing $95/M
Minimum 5,000
Source Direct Mail
Updated Quarterly
Email - $50/F
FTP/Electronic Transfer - $75/F
Selections Geographic - $7/M
Gender - $7/M
Keying - $7/M

American Friends of Israel are dedicated supporters of the Jewish State. Without apologies, qualms or doubts, these are the hardcore, blue and white, flag-waving backers of Israel.

These donors know that their participation and support can help the cause. They understand that their contribution will make a difference.

American Friends of Israel support the Jewish State in active, concrete ways. When there is a pro-Israel rally, they turn out. When the media runs an anti-Israel story, they respond. When Israeli-based organizations ask for a donation, they contribute.

These are the types of supporters and donors that every organization dreams about.

Average Contribution: $37

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